Friday, December 31, 2010

About This Backup Blog and Spam Filter Fallback

I'm finding that more and more often spam filters and firewall/nanny-ware filters are blocking my email address from mail and my URL from blog and website comments.

That's not *too* surprising considering my domain name is, and surely, one might ask, what did I expect.

Well, the irony isn't lost on me. When I originally found the URL, while searching available domain names for an entirely, entirely unrelated purpose, I bought it for myself assuming it would someday make an excellent URL for a political blog with a slight first-amendment/anti-censorship emphasis.

Instead the world was full-to-brimming with political blogs and so I wound up blogging about political and social influences of sex, gender, and relationships.

I still get spam and firewall filtered though. Which brings me to the point about this backup blogspot blog: more and more I'm using the associated URL and email address in correspondence and other people's comments just so my messages get through.

But once again the blog I actually *post* on is See you there